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Tech has the potential to close the wealth gap between racial demographics.

Carlyn Pounders is a journalist and reporter based in Atlanta, GA. Since graduating from Georgia State University with a degree in Journalism, she’s covered apps, CEOs, high-profile celebrities, global brands, and much more. While she is a fresh face on the Atlanta tech scene, her personable smile and engaging demeanor elevate the conversation to new heights. Carlyn is on a mission to share how every aspect of tech, whether big (the newest AI development) or small (a STEAM educator), can positively impact the average person’s life. The tech sector can employ individuals in a lucrative and rewarding industry, give people a new lease on life through their impassioned innovation and create solutions to some of the biggest issues facing society.

Additionally, tech has the potential to close the wealth gap between racial demographics. For years Carlyn has lent her editorial skills to various online platforms, also covering lifestyle, fashion and women’s issues. Not to mention, she has fundamental skills in video production and on-camera work. Whether it’s San Francisco, New York, or even beyond American borders, she’s thrilled to follow the story of how tech can be life-changing, fun, and above all, inclusive for all.

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